spw - simple, light, cli password manager

spw is a python application that stores and retrieves passwords in a secure maner. spw is designed to be quick, light on resources/dependencies, and command line/script driven.

Passwords are stored in an encrypted format using PKCS1_OAEP encryption. This means you use a public and private key to encrypt and decrypt items stored within the store. This is a secure method of password storage and there is virtually no chance someone (including yourself) can view decrypted passwords without the private key.

spw is intended to provide a secure mechanism to store (and more importantly retrieve) passwords. spw's command-line interface allows easy integration into openbox's keyboard shortcut functionality (or similar tools). spw provides an easy mechanism for copying a password to the clipboard (e.g. C+A+j will copy the gmail junk account's password to your clipboard).

I have used spw daily for several years, the password generator is extremely useful/quick to generate passwords!

You can install spw via pip or pipx: pipx install spw or view the spw gitlab page.