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Run SweetHome3D Without Install


SweetHome3D is a free interior design application. You can install it from most repos; however, the install often requires a lot of unneeded libraries and/or didn't work well for my situation. There are several articles that suggest you can/should run it directly but none gave the steps needed so I thought I would pull together a quick post on it.

It's not difficult or glorious, hopefully the info will be of use to others. Here are the steps:

  1. download SweetHome3D
  2. extract files: tar -xzf SweetHome3D-*.tgz
  3. run the jar: ./SweetHome
  4. note: you will need a JRE - openjdk works just fine

Lesson's Learned

I did manage to produce a working docker sweethome3d which keeps you from installing anything (other than docker); however, the java GUI blacks out sections of the app from time to time and wasn't worth the effort given I already have java installed for dbeaver. If you are interested in getting it to run in docker feel free to start with what I produced: